clips from liam’s 2nd month

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4 Responses to clips from liam’s 2nd month

  1. Haha. “But it’s going to take another six hours to get you to sleep.” 🙂 And just had to add that spit up scene, hmm? Hehe. I love seeing him smile! It’s so fun to see the changes.

  2. Abby says:

    Hes precious :):)

  3. Andrea says:

    He is so precious! Thank you for sharing. I found your page when looking for a recipe, but I have loved following your baby journey! Hopefully the spitting up will get better with time. My son (my 2nd baby) is/was a “happy spitter”. As he transitioned to solid foods, it gradually improved. Now at 11 months, it still happens, but only a few times a week (instead of a few times an hour!)

  4. Elisabeth says:

    That video was great!! Sat here and watched it with my baby (she just turned 1) and she absolutely loved it! She was a spitter-upper too! I know how you feel! I have to share… Today she burped and boy did it sound wet, she looked around the chair at me and said “uh oh” it was too funny. I guess she’s heard it enough!

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