5 months

And to you we say…

  • Date: October 31st, 2012
  • Height: 25 1/2 inches
  • Weight: 13 lbs 10 ozs    WooHoo!
  • Sleeping Pattern: By the pediatrician’s orders, I’ve been waking Liam up every 4-5 hours throughout the night to feed to help get his weight up. Sometimes, he wakes up every 3 hours if he’s having a bad night.
  • Eating Habits: He eats every 2 hours during the day. Every meal is breastmilk, with the exception of one meal of solid food (brown rice cereal and/or sweet potatoes) and one formula bottle at night.
  • Development: Liam is more attentive than ever now and his favorite thing is to watch Leland, following him as he fetches the ball. He now scoots when he is on his play mat, doing 360°’s as he searches for Leland or mommy. Liam is grabbing everything he can reach and putting it straight into his mouth. He has also started to make a grabbing motion with his hands, squeezing them open and shut.
  • Mischief: He seems to need a lot more attention these days. He’ll entertain himself for a few minutes before needing reassurance that you’re there to talk to him and play. He’s also good at grabbing hair, hitting your face and eyes, and dropping all sorts of toys on the ground.
  • Cuteness: Oh, those smiles and giggles.
  • Talking: Not only does he continue to coo, blow bubbles, and making a ‘thhhh’ sound either to talk to us or when he’s frustrated, but he has also discovered the art of his whiney voice. This voice is almost a cry, but one where there is not a tear, or facial expression to signal he needs something, other than he is bored. When he has heard himself for a few seconds, he will stop and smile, grab his feet, or blow bubbles some more before starting up again. Needless to say, mommy needs some ear plugs. 😉
  • Favorites: Liam continues to laugh when when we pretend sneeze, play pick-a-boo, and kiss the sides of his cheeks, but also when we blow a zerbert on his belly.
  • Firsts: First brown rice cereal on October 2nd. His face was hilarious. First trip to the Children’s Hospital on October 9th for an x-ray to make sure there wasn’t a larger issue to why he wasn’t gaining weight. First sweet potatoes on October 23rd. First family vacation in mid October to the mountains of North Carolina. October 26th, Liam first started to grab toys and shake them.
  • Concerns: Liam has been under weight the past few months. Once we started him on his new routine of eating frequently during the day/night, solids once a day, and supplementary formula bottles, Liam gained 8 ounces in 2 weeks, putting him in the 2.3% for his age at mid-October. We also have been giving him infant Prilosec morning/night to help his reflux (reason he isn’t gaining weight b/c of large volumes of spit up).
  • A Day in the Life: Typically, we just go with the flow, starting the day at around 8:00am when Liam wakes up. He’ll take his Prilosec, waiting 30 minutes before his first meal. We’ll play for 2 hours and he’ll go down for a nap. We’ll try and repeat this pattern all day until bed time. However, he’s done as well as having one 2 hour and one 1 hour nap during a day, or as bad as only two 30 minute naps for an entire day. He’ll have his night-time Prilosec 30 minutes before his last feeding, around 6:30pm. We give him a bath and entertain him until he gets whatever I have (breastmilk-wise) and then he’ll have a 4 ounce bottle of formula. Logan will usually bounce him in the den while we watch old episodes of Top Gear until he falls asleep in his arms (which usually doesn’t take very long). He’ll go down for the night and either he or I will wake up every 3-5 hours for feedings throughout the night.
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3 Responses to 5 months

  1. He is getting so big!! Happy first Halloween!!!! xo

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh my goodness! That photo of Liam holding his little foot wearing that cheeky smile is abosolutely adorable! He is one very cute little boy.

  3. laura says:

    Your baby is the cutest!

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