homemade baby food {carrots}

How to make carrot baby food

One of the first foods we gave our son, carrots have become a favorite in our house. They couldn’t be easier to prepare either!

Simply peel and slice the amount of carrots you’d like to use. Place in a steaming basket over boiling water and steam for 20-25 minutes or until tender. Adding a little bit of water (do not use your cooking water), purée the carrots in a machine such as a Blentec, food processor or Baby Bullet.

Allow the purée to cool enough to feed your baby, place in the fridge to be used within two days or place in ice cube trays to freeze for 4 hours. If freezing, remove the frozen purée from the trays and place in a freezer bag and mark to be used within 3 months.

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It’s as easy as that! Once baby gets older, you can start adding the carrot purée with other vegetables and even add it to over cooked brown rice for a chunky meal!

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17 Responses to homemade baby food {carrots}

  1. Jess says:

    I’ve seen several places online saying not to use the water you’ve cooked carrots in when using it to thin purée. From what I’ve read, that water has more nitrates in it and therefore increase the risk for nitrate poisoning

    • caroline says:

      Thank you so much for catching that Jess. I had no idea until I looked it up myself. Thank you again! I made sure to correct that in the post.

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  4. Jamie says:

    When unfreezing the carrot purée is it ok to microwave?

    • caroline says:

      Yes. That’s what I did. Just be sure to stir often and of course, check the temperature before giving it to baby. You can also thaw in the fridge and heat when ready.

      • Celeste says:

        How long would the food last once thawed? Lime can I carry it around throughout the day like gerder food?

        • caroline says:

          I would use it right away once it’s thawed and any leftovers put it in the fridge and consume it within 24 hours.

  5. Zoe says:

    Would nitrates be present in the water if using organic carrots?

    • caroline says:

      I’m not sure, but that’s a great question! I feel like at this point, anything is better than using the canned store-bought baby food, right? :)

  6. Hannah says:

    Can I steam them in the microwave?

  7. Marcella says:

    What about using breast milk as a thinner instead of water?

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  9. Doha says:

    Hi Caroline
    My little one is 6 month can I add some butternut to the carrot ?

    • caroline says:

      It’s recommended that you try one food at a time, so if your little one has tried one or the other, I wouldn’t see why mixing the two wouldn’t work just fine. It’s mainly just to ensure that you isolate the foods as you introduce them to make sure they don’t have an allergy to them. Have fun!

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