flying alone with a baby

Flying alone with a baby |

A few months ago, I joined the brave ranks of parents traveling alone with infants. Since flying with my 9 month old, I’ve flown again and seen people in that exact same situation as I was in with the overall goal to keep your baby happy and quiet. No parent wants to be the one with the obnoxious child, but sometimes you do all you can do. Flying is not a walk in the park for a baby and as parents, we can take extra steps to insure that our children have the best flight possible.

Flying alone with a baby |

I’ve come up with some tips for flying with a baby. Are you ready to see them? Get ready to fly with a little more ease and quiet!

  • Bring a multitude of favorite snacks and toys and have them in order of need in your carry on.
  • Know where everything is in your carry ons so you can quickly find things, even by just blindly digging around in the diaper bag.
  • Wear shiny jewelry to keep them occupied in the confined spaces of the plane.
  • Have your smartphone geared with plane friendly games or books to entertain yourself while the baby ‘hopefully’ takes a nap.

Flying alone with a baby |

  • Take deep breathes periodically and relax your body for a minute.
  • If you have to sit next to someone, grab an aisle seat in the back of the plane.
  • Whatever you do, don’t let your child pull or kick the seat in front of you.
  • Keep wet-ones handy at all times.
  • A small container of Cheerios is your best friend. It’s a snack, rattle and teething toy all in one!

Flying alone with a baby |

  • Bring your car seat to the gate, in hopes that there will be an empty seat next to you. Otherwise, just check it at the gate. I bought a car seat carrier as protection when checked too, that came in handy.
  • Try to schedule flights around nap times. The sound of the plane will be soothing to baby.

Flying alone with a baby |

What are some ways that you keep your baby happy when flying?

Flying alone with a baby |

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  1. Savanah says:

    Both my kids have always loved stickers. I have had to travel with both my kids solo as infants, and again when I was pregnant (with yucky morning sickness), and stickers have always been our best friend. I let them pick out ‘special’ packs of stickers a day or two before we leave, then they get very excited to see them again on the plane. Easy to pack, and my kids dont care wether we stick them on an old receipt, a piece of scratch paper, or even a napkin.

    Also, fruit snacks are great to chew on during take off and landing to avoid ear aches.

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