Halloween 2013

Better late than never, right?

Here are some photos from Liam’s second Halloween. He was a spider with his web!

It was an unusually hot and humid Halloween here in South Carolina, so we were all a little bit toasty, having prepared costumes that were for the cooler October weather. Despite the heat, we still had a blast trick or treating at a couple family and friend’s houses and going to a neighborhood party in the park!

What were you (or your children) for Halloween this year?

Halloween 2013 Halloween 2013-2 Halloween 2013 Halloween 2013-3 Halloween 2013-6

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One Response to Halloween 2013

  1. Savanah says:

    We lived in Charlotte NC for my sons first 4 Halloweens. Aside from his first when he was only 2 weeks old (and I happened to be in a wedding that year), we always prepared with warm costumes and it turned out to be humid. His red hair was always sweaty and his cheeks were rosey by the end if the night, and we only had him trick or treat at a few of our neighbors house.

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