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The First Years One Piece Lid Sippy Cup Review |

We have tried a slew of sippy cups since transitioning from a bottle at 1 year. One after another, there were sippy cups Liam didn’t like or they had something that drove me crazy. Thankfully, I purchased most of them at children’s consignment shops, so it wasn’t too big of an investment. He never could master the tilting of the cup, so we settled on the straw variety.

The First Years One Piece Lid Sippy Cup Review |

After many months of trial and error, I purchased a Munchkin straw sippy cup that he loved! It required a hard suck, similar to the bottle and my favorite part was the no-leak design. I just throw it in my purse when we run errands or I even sit it in his lap while we are on a jog. He knows it always has water and it’s easy for him to hold with one hand. Plus, it’s fairly easy to clean.

The First Years One Piece Lid Sippy Cup Review |

However, we needed a sippy cup for milk.

I used another Munchkin for milk for a while, but noticed it was too hard to clean properly. Also, we needed an insulated cup to not spoil the milk every time we used it. I bought the Tommee Tippee straw sippy and it’s worked pretty well. However, there are 6 different parts to the cup. I just don’t have time for that. It also requires two hands to pick up, which is harder for the younger toddler.

The First Years One Piece Lid Sippy Cup Review |

Since Liam is almost 2 years old (how is that possible?!), it was time for another transition. So, we tried The First Years One Piece Lid sippy cup. The thing that attracted me most to it was the thought of only cleaning three pieces: the lid, the straw and the cup. Luckily, it comes in our favorite Disney characters, too. We got the Cars and Mickey sippy cups. As soon as Liam saw that his favorite movie (Disney’s Cars) was on the front of his sippy cup, it became his favorite. Now instead of asking for ‘wa-wa’ (water), he asks for his ‘ca-ca’ (car).

The First Years One Piece Lid Sippy Cup Review |

The ease of cleaning is really nice and it’s dishwasher friendly. It’s insulated and still requires two hands to hold, but he gets joy out of drinking his water. The top straw is also really squishy and soft, so much so that he likes chewing on it between sips.

However, every time I put it in my purse on an outing or in his lap, it ends up turned upside down and leaks everywhere. Luckily, I just put water in it so far and it’s fairly easy to clean up. But, it’s supposed to be spill-proof. It is for the most part spill-proof, but requires the watchful mother’s eye while it’s in the hands of a toddler. The leaking is really my only issue with it.

You can purchase The First Years One Piece Lid sippy cups at Kmart or online at Amazon or Target. The First Years is also running a big giveaway on their Facebook page for the month of April!

TFY One Piece Lid Giveaway Graphic

This post is sponsored by The First Years. I received complimentary cups to review. This post contains affiliate links that help support this site. Please read my disclosure policy for further information.
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