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My friend and fellow mom here in Charleston, Yana, has started a baby boutique, hand-making and selling exceptionally cute and durable bibs and children’s purses. Yana left a career in science and her sister-in-law, Jennifer, has moved to being a part-time nurse to both focus on Hemming Birds and also to have more family-centered lives.

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Let me tell you a little bit about Hemming Birds.

Their goal is to make high quality products that are keepsake items – the type of gift that is not only fun to use, but also that lasts for many years.  However, their stuff isn’t the type of thing that you will have to put on a shelf away from your kids. . . everything is machine washable so that your kids can use them, as much as they want. Yes!

They design their own patterns and hand-select designer fabrics. Then, they make everything themselves and use only the best materials and techniques; bags are fully lined and they top-stitch everything (both for extra support and also because it looks much more professional). They are both big fans of the “buying local,” “made in the USA,” and “shop small” movements. . . and they want to be a part of it! Everything is made by Yana and Jennifer in Charleston, and they do what they can to source materials from the US.

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Right now they are launching the Hemming Birds brand with two styles of bags (which are targeted at little girls between the ages of 1-5+) and bibs (sized to fit infants (4-6 months through toddlers). My toddler (2 years old!) wears the bibs and I loves them! It’s got a really soft backing that is gentle on their necks, which I love. Plus, the you can snap it on or off with one hand.

To help launch the brand, they’ve begun a KickStarter campaign.

If you haven’t heard of KickStarter, it’s a fun and effective way to fund projects and get companies off the ground. To make their business successful, Hemming Birds need to buy materials in bulk and make products in parallel.  They also need to begin building our customer base and get their brand out on the streets. KickStarter will help them do both of these things.

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The Details:

“Creators” (that’s Hemming Birds!) submit their projects and goals to KickStarter for approval.  After review, the project goes online to be supported by “backers” (that’s you!)  The backers can basically pre-order items in exchange for a monetary pledge.  If the project reaches its goal, the creators receive the pledged money and in return the backers receive their rewards (i.e. bibs and purses!). 

Their video explains it all:

The Hemming Birds KickStarter campaign is currently at 46% funds raised with 17 days left to help back them! They have to reach 100% or us backers don’t get our rewards and the Hemming Birds start from scratch.

If you back the Hemming-Birds KickStarter fund, you’ll be prompted after the campaign is fully funded to enter an exclusive giveaway of two specially designed bibs just for Chocolate & Carrots readers!

Hemming Birds Bib Photo Shoot |

And I got the inside scoop that as Hemming Birds moves into the fall and holiday seasons, they will be expanding their brand to include more children’s accessories (necklaces, bags for boys, bags for bigger girls, and aprons). I can’t wait for the cuteness! 

Here’s how you can follow Hemming Birds Boutique as they grow:


This is not a sponsored post. I paid to support Hemming Birds via KickStarter and genuinely love the products and people behind them!
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  2. Angela Jackson says:

    I love the design of the bib and I bet they are of pristine quality too.

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