love more. judge no more. #endmommywars

I’m honored to be a Sisterhood of Motherhood partner, a sponsored blog partner this year. I’m joining Similac and making my pledge to #EndMommyWars.

Love more. Judge no more. #EndMommyWars |

I’ll be the first to admit that I judge other parents and I go out of my way to do things in public to avoid being judged by others. I don’t like that I did this, but I judged mothers at the playground who spent their time on their phones while their children played. I thought it looked terrible that they were focusing so much energy on their devices instead of connecting with their children.

For the longest time I’ve made it a point to not get my phone out when my kids are playing at the playground to avoid the very same judgements that I was making of other mothers. However, when your kids are playing nicely by themselves and you’re just standing there, it can be boring. I made it a point to bring a book to the playground to learn or entertain myself while they played. But it doesn’t matter if we’re reading a book or playing on our phones or anything. I shouldn’t judge. I won’t judge. You never know someone else’s story until you get to know them, so the least we can do is not judge them…at all…ever.

Now, what I want you to do is go watch the #EndMommyWars film. It’s really short (about 7 minutes) and is a moving and eye-opening perspective into other mother’s choices and how a judging mentality has personally affected them.

Tears. I’m in tears. Hearing these mother’s stories and reflecting on my own judgements, both on other mothers and myself, has me wanting to just give every mother a hug and say, “You’re a great mom.”

Immersing myself in the #EndMommyWars campaign has really educated me and changed my perspective on life and people. I know this is going to sound quite filled with rainbows and butterflies, but I just want everyone to be happy and feel supported. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure everyone around me feels that way. I want the best for everyone who I touch in my life; whether that be the single dad at the emergency health clinic, my own parents or the mother on her phone at the playground. Let’s be supportive. There is more than one right way to raise a baby. We need to support each other’s decisions and #EndMommyWars. Share your thoughts and watch the film again at


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2 Responses to love more. judge no more. #endmommywars

  1. katie says:

    I had this moment today… “She lets her baby go to sleep with her bottle of milk…” I really wanted to question the milk thing on her Instagram, but I thought, “I don’t do the milk thing and maybe that’s the only way, her daughter will fall asleep? Why should I judge her nighttime routine?”

    I mean, sometimes, I’m that mom who’s listening to her son scream in the checkout line. Why, because there’s not much I can do when he’s hungry and it’s nap time. He’s 18 months old, he’s not going to understand me, if I tell him to stop. As long as he’s not trying to bang his head on the shopping cart handle, I will do my best to hurry and get out of the way!

    I know people probably judge me too. And yes, we sit on the couch, on our phones while the lil guy runs around and plays. Briefly, glancing up to talk to him or sneak a kiss when he crawls up and bends over to look us right in the face. But we do cuddle time too. We watch cartoons more than other shows and we read bedtime stories. You have to squeeze in your own time, here and there… even if it’s on the playground. lol.

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