Must Have Gifts for the New Mom

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get for a new mom. To help you, I’ve made a list of my favorite things as a new mom! Get to shopping, the holidays are right around the corner! Here we go…

1. Hemming Birds Bibs – I don’t know any baby or toddler who doesn’t need bibs at one point or another. From spit up to drool, Hemming Birds Boutique has every bib you’d need. I’ve used their Charlie Bibs and Ollie Bandana Bibs for both of my boys and they’ve been amazing! After loads and loads of laundering over the past 3 years, they still look and feel wonderful. The attention to detail that these ladies put into their products is amazing, plus the packaging is so darling that it makes for the perfectly ready gift!


photo credit: Hemming Birds


photo credit: Hemming Birds


2. Gift Cards – A must for the oodles of diapers, wipes and/or formula they will be needing. Think Amazon or Target gift cards.


3. Meals – Those first few weeks are so rough and not having to think about dinner is always a wonderful gift. To make it most easy on the new parents, simply ask them what day you can bring them a meal and if they have any allergies you need to be aware of. Then, bring it ready to dive in! Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole, a homemade salad and Frozen Triple Chocolate Pie is my favorite go-to mama meal to bring over.
Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole |


4. Withings Activité Tracker – I didn’t have a fitness and sleep tracker with my first baby, but I’ve used the Withings watch/tracker since Hayden was born. It’s been wonderful to always have the time on my wrist for feeding purposes through my sleepless days/nights, have extra motivation to get up and exercise with the activity tracking and have it automatically track my sleep patterns. It even has a silent vibrating alarm (although you won’t need this when baby is little!). You should see the insane lack of sleep that a new mom gets. My tracker app on my phone is always mad at me for not getting adequate sleep. Ha! I really do like seeing how much sleep I’m getting and not having to worry about calculating it. It does it all for me and it gives me great motivation to take care of myself post-baby. Withings has three different varieties of Activité trackers that range from $150-$450.
2015-05-10 11.49.19-1


5. Nursing Tops/Bras – I bought this replicca maternity/nursing top for my winter baby and LOVE it! But, other tops and love are Basics and Bravado! and buy in one size up to make sleeping most comfortable. Robes are always a nice gift, too.
2015-01-01 11.54.50-1

Happy Shopping, Happy Holidays and Congratulations to the new mom!

This is not a sponsored post, just products I genuinely love!

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2 Responses to Must Have Gifts for the New Mom

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m not a new mom, but my mom and I have been on the hunt for a “smart watch” that isn’t terribly ugly but can still do all the things we need it to. I looked up the one you have and it looks great, but I’d love to know what you think of it in general, not just in the context of caring for your sweet little boys. Was it definitely worth the money?

    • caroline says:

      Totally worth the money. I love it! And I bought the Activité Pop to see if I really liked it before splurging for the more expensive Activité. Right now it’s nice because they’re on sale, too! The only issue I’ve had with the Pop (which is why I’m splurging now for the more original) is because the glass scratches on the Pop. I’m slamming it everywhere while chasing after my boys (the washing machine, stroller, toys, counter, etc.). It’s totally still usable, but in the sunlight you can see the scratches. Happy Shopping!

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