Hayden is 11 months

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  • Date: January 5th, 2016
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Weight: 25.9 pounds
  • Sleeping Pattern: Well, this past month has been crazy. With the holidays and a 3 week stretch of sickness, sleep has been all over the place. This month, it’s sleep training time! In the meantime, the usual schedule over the past few weeks has been wake ups at 7am, one three hour nap around 1pm and up until 9pm. Oh, holidays. I’m hoping to get him back into a consistent 3.5-4 hour stretch of awakeness before nap times.
  • Eating Habits: Hayden was completely finished with breastfeeding as of last month. Now, he has about 4 eight ounce formula bottles per day and 3 baby purees every day. During the weeks of sickness, he refused all solid foods, and now we’re just getting back into a good food routine. I’m also trying hard to get him to eat finger foods that isn’t Puffs or bread. Right now when he has finger foods on his tray, he refuses to try them, squishes them and throws them off. Real fun.
  • Development: Not much has changed this past month. He is still crawling quickly, pulling up and I wouldn’t be surprised if he started walking soon. We still patch his right eye every day for 3 hours until surgery in a couple months.
  • Mischief: We’ll just call him spirited or strong willed and leave it at that.
  • Cuteness: He’s starting to play with Liam a bit more now. It’s darling when they play chase together or get into the toy box together!
  • Talking: He can say mamama, dadada and bababa. The babbling is darling!
  • Favorites: Walking while holding our fingers, crawling after Leland.
  • Firsts: Hayden had his first Christmas and New Years (which he slept through most of)!
  • Concerns: He is having a hard time figuring out a straw sippy cup, so we’re figuring out alternatives for that to transition off of the bottle soon.
  • A Day in the Life: Hayden wakes up around 7am. We immediately put his patch on and feed him a solid food breakfast (which lately has been oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter). He’ll play for 2-4 hours depending on our schedule and then he’ll take an 8 ounce bottle followed by a nap for 2-3 hours. He’ll wake up and enjoy another solid food meal followed by more play time. Then, it’s off to bed around 8pm after another bottle. That is really basic and it changes every day, especially this month with so many transitions, sicknesses and holidays. I’m hoping next month will be more routine!
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