My name is Caroline and I am the writer and foodie from Chocolate & Carrots. I started Crackers & Carrots to document my pregnancy journey and the birth of our first child. I am a PCOS success story. I hope you enjoy my story and all of the exciting things Mr. Chocolate & Carrots and I are about to go through!

Our Pregnancy Story:

Nearly two years ago, I learned a new acronym. TTC. Ever heard of it? Well, it stands for ‘trying to conceive’. It stood for all things hopeful, good, and happy.

One year later, it stood for sadness, heartbreak, and tears. After many-a-tries and numerous medical attempts by my OB/GYN (subsequently trying Clomid 10 times…bad idea, I learned eventually that you only want to try Clomid a maximum of 3 times before it starts building a weaker environment for a baby, FYI), she then referred me to a fertility and reproductive endocrinologist.

For the longest time, we had no idea what was wrong. With no immediate family history of infertility, we were stumped. However, once meeting our reproductive endocrinologist, we were finally getting a glimmer of hope that we may someday be able to expand our family. My husband checked out a-okay. So, we knew it was something going on with me. She diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which is quite common, apparently.

We had decided that we would give gonadotropin therapy a try. I’m sure, like the majority of the population, you’ve never heard of gonadotropin therapy. Well, we were like you and had to educate ourselves.

It was a very meticulous process, full of shots (to whom my darling nurse of a husband did splendid!), blood drawings, and ultrasounds….and lots of $$$. Gotta love that. Not!

We were so sure that it would work, that we had put all of our emotional eggs in one basket. It was unsuccessful. It was a dark day that not even chocolate could pull me out of.

We took a break for a month. It was good. A very good decision. We got our heads on straight, re-evaluated our futures, and started being optimistic about both outcomes. Of course, if we conceived we would be overjoyed, but if we didn’t it wouldn’t be the end of the world. A life without children was starting to appeal to us. But, in the back of my mind, I knew I’d always have an empty spot in my motherly instinct of a heart.

So, we went into our final attempt at gonadotropin therapy with calmness and looking on the bright side of either outcome.

Since, we have such a supportive family, whom we couldn’t have done any of this without (emotionally and financially), they knew the schedule like we did. Everyone knew the day that we would get the results call.

I kept my mind busy that day, telling myself that it would be okay and I would NOT have another dark day. I’m a crier…and I hate crying. As the phone rang at 3pm that Monday afternoon, I repeated to myself before I picked it up that it was okay and it was going to be negative…and again, it was okay.

The nurse on the other end, speaking in her normal tone (And me, thinking to myself, ‘Uh oh, it’s a negative, I’m sure of it.‘), she said in a heavy Spanish accent, ‘Caroline, congratulations. You’re pregnant!’

Naahaa! No way! Not true. You’re kidding me, right? Haha…jokes on me! Notttttt!

I immediately rushed to the bathroom and had to test for myself. *Crier alert* Broke down, I couldn’t believe it. I never ever thought it would be true. I can’t tell you how many of those stupid sticks I’ve wasted and how many times I just knew when I came back after 3 minutes that there would be two lines. Never…until now!!!

I quickly took a photo of it and emailed it to my husband who was at work and entitled it: ‘We did it.’

Since he was at work and couldn’t spill the beans show any emotion, we quickly got on Google Chat to make a plan.

Our parents (whom all live 2 hours away in Charleston, SC) had been texting, emailing, and calling us all day to see if we had heard anything. We ignored everything…that and told them we hadn’t heard anything yet…lies, all lies. ;-)

So, do we skype them? Isn’t that a little impersonal and kind of obvious! Or do we drive down to Charleston and surprise them?

As we’re Google Chatting things that were said were things like:

Me: Oh Emmmm GEEEEEE!!!!

Logan: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Logan: Isn’t a trip to chs for only a couple hours a bit much? Or am I totally undermining the greatness of this moment?

Me: You’re undermining the greatness of this moment!

So, he immediately leaves work and picks me up (Me having packed an overnight bag in under 20 minutes…impressive considering how long it takes me to pack. Don’t go there.). We were off to Charleston. On the way, I called Katie (my sister three years younger than me) and told her she was going to be an aunt. She was so excited!

Next, I called Logan’s little sister, Rachel while we were in the car to scheme: get the family together for dinner @ 7PM. We showed up at the house at 7 with Rachel and Rachel #2 (friend of Rachel’s) meeting us outside. We walked in the door and Logan’s mom turns around with a confused look on her face, then quickly realizing our secret (throwing her arms up) as soon as I said my first word. Logan’s dad (on a business trip on the day) was connected to a Skype call as soon as we walked in. I filled him in on the good news. All of us and Logan’s brother, Tyler, enjoyed London broil, baked potatoes, mushrooms & gravy and salad for dinner. Can you say Southern? Logan and I had stopped at Harris Teeter to buy some time before the surprise to pick me up a salad (my first, what should a pregnant woman eat??) for dinner. Both Rachels played the Star Wars theme on their violins for us. Very funny indeed. :-)

After a quick dinner, we were off to my parent’s house. At around 8:30pm we walked in the door. I said “guess what?” and my parents knew (and my youngest sister, Eliza) and began applauding us! We hung out for a while and talked. We Skyped with Margaret, the second youngest sister. So that all of the family now knew.

So, without further adeui, welcome to Crackers & Carrots!

Thank you for joining us on our journey! :-)

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  1. Okay seriously I started crying!! I came across your first blog about cookies and now I am a reader! I am so happy for you! I am too a success story of having a miracle baby so I know that fear, excitement and love all wrapped into one. 🙂

  2. Sofia B. says:

    I follow your website recently, but after reading this I have tears in my eyes…
    I’m a mother of two girls and although my oldest (11 y.o.) gives me sometimes a certain will to slam the door and run away (lol), they are surely the best things that EVER happened to me 🙂
    Wish you all the best

  3. Caroline, it was so wonderful meeting you at BlissDom. What an incredible journey you’ve been on. I’m so very happy for you and can’t wait to see whether you’re welcoming a he or she. Either way, this baby is a blessing and is blessed to have you as a mom!

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  5. Patsy Cullins says:

    Congratulations ! Thank you for sharing your story !

  6. Great story and lovely site! Good luck with Baby!

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  8. Just read this after reading Liam’s birth story, and I am so touched. I already have my one amazing little boy (thanks to Clomid), and we would like a second, but had had to take a break from Clomid before we move on to the next approach. It is a bit refreshing to take the break, though a bit scary, but you have helped renew my faith and hope!

  9. Amanda says:

    I recently came across your blog for the giveaway. I am also struggling with infertility and we are in the process of getting baby number one. It is so nice to read your success story and gives me hope that soon we will also get a baby to hold. So happy for you!!

    • caroline says:

      Your struggles are so near and dear to me. I completely understand what you’re going through. It’s certainly a hard battle, but once you get to hold your baby, it’s worth all the shots and hardships. I wish you and your husband the best. I’ll be thinking of you.

  10. So glad your story turned out with a beautiful boy. I am also a PCOS success story, thanks to my naturopath and 4 months of acupuncture. I gave up on the clinic after several rounds of clomid as well.

    Baby is due in the next 3 weeks. 🙂

  11. Lisa @bitesforbabies says:

    Hi there! New (dog-loving-foodie-mama) follower from bitesforbabies.com. Great blog and I especially like reading your “baby” posts!

  12. Logan says:

    Your story is such an encouragement to me. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year and a half now, and about eight months ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. It is frustrating and, often, overwhelming. Your story is so touching, and gives me such hope. Thank you for sharing.

    • caroline says:

      I know how hard that battle is. I hate that you’re having to go through it, too. I appreciate you sharing your story, though. I’m so thankful for our little blessing, but even that I was able to share what we went through in hopes that it would lift other people up. Are you planning on seeking any medical help? I know that’s a hard financial, emotional and physical battle that I hope and pray that I don’t have to go through again to have a second child. If you ever want to talk more, please feel free to send me an email caroline@chocolateandcarrots.com. All the best Logan! – Caroline

  13. Hi, Caroline–

    You stopped in over at my blog, The Tween & Me, and I just had to come check out your SC blog! LOVE the name and am so glad to {virtually} meet you! It’s nice to connect with another SC blogger. I’ve been peeking around your blog today and lovelovelove it! Already found a few recipes I want to try…yay!

    Looking forward to following you!


  14. Camille says:

    This story makes me so happy! I tried for seven years after being diagnosed with PCOS. I couldn’t afford medical help and I almost went the Clomid route. I decided to do tons and tons of research and found out how different foods affect our hormones. I became a vegetarian and part time vegan for six months and finally became pregnant! I highly recommend cutting out the animal products if you can because they interfere with the hormones that affect PCOS. It’s also a much cheaper route than medical help (not knocking anyone that takes that route. I would have if I could’ve afforded it). Hope this info helps for anyone having infertility issues!

    • caroline says:

      You’re amazing! I’m so happy for you and thank you for sharing your experience! I have heard that modifying your diet helps a lot. I’m hoping neither of us have trouble getting pregnant next time (if there is a next time)! 😀 Thanks again Camille!

  15. Caroline, I have fallen in love with your Chocolate and Carrots blog and feel like I am following in your foot steps! I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and therefore changed my diet to reflect a healthier lifestyle. Although, I am not trying to conceive right now as I am planning a wedding currently, but hope to be within the year! I love that I have found this site for help and guidance! Along with your yummy, healthier treats as I have a huge sweet tooth 🙂


    • caroline says:

      Aww, thank you so much Meg! I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but it’s so good that you’re being proactive about helping eliminating complications! 😀 Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Such a happy time. Best wishes for your wedding and when you get to starting a family I hope you don’t have any trouble at all. 😀 Eee…so exciting! All my best, Caroline

  16. Karen Rubio says:

    I started crying too!!! what a beautiful story! so happy for you three 🙂

  17. Ashwini says:


    Found your blog through pininterest when searching for cinnamon rolls and i am hooked. I already tried you cinnamon rolls and chocolate peanut butter cake recipe and can’t thank you enough for such amazing recipes.
    I have been diagonised with PCOS recently and have gone through two failed cycles of ivf and it’s kind of emotionally draining but your story brings back hope to me and I am hoping my next cycle is a success 🙂

    Thanks again for such an excellent blog and such amazing recipes.

    • caroline says:

      Hi Ashwini,

      Thank you so much for reaching out! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the recipes. Those are two of my favorites!

      I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with PCOS. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go through IVF. I’m so glad you are optimistic, though. Keeping your spirits up helps so much! During my last (and successful) cycle of gonadotropin therapy (basically IUI without the turkey baster), I came to terms that if this one didn’t work, then I would accept a life without children. Looking back, I feel like my freed mentality and relaxed state of mind, may have contributed to me getting pregnant. That and a whole lot of luck! 😉

      I wish you the best of luck with your next IVF cycle! I’ll be thinking about you!

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  20. Hi Caroline – I met your dad or your father-in-law (unfortunately I’m not sure which it was) this morning at an investor breakfast in Charleston… If you want to talk Babiators please shoot me an email and I’ll connect you to my wife, Molly, who runs all of our potential brand partnerships!


  21. What a great story! I’m so happy for your success! I have PCOS too and have had the fertility struggles too! My last son took my 5 years to conceive! I look forward to meeting you next week! Welcome to the PBB!

    • caroline says:

      Thank you Jennifer! It’s such a hard road, but completely worth it. 😀 I look forward to meeting you! See you in Cincinnati!

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