Hello, my name is Leland.

This is Leland. My husband (at the time, fiancรฉ) in June of 2008 got me Leland. We had been in a long distance relationship for a little over 4 years. The long distance was taking a toll on me emotionally and Logan thought it was a great idea for me to have someone to cuddle with at night. A real-live stuffed animal. So, Logan told me (while at work) go see the puppy, and ONLY get it if it’s cute. OF COURSE it was going to be cute, it’s a PUPPY! So, I drove to Camden, South Carolina and brought Leland home to his new family. Here’s his brief bio:

(Leland’s first photo on the car ride home from Camden.)

Full Name: Leland Warrick Edwards

Logan chose his middle name. For all of you non-Star Wars freaks (me included), Warrick is the last name of some of the greatest Ewoks. Logan thought the name was the perfect name for Leland, since there is such a great similarity between him and the great Ewoks.

DOB: May 31, 2008

Family Origin (Breed): Morkie Poo (50% Maltese, 25% Yorkshire Terrier, 25% Poodle)

Favorite Color: Red. It’s the color of the LASER!

Favorite Food: Cheese

Favorite Hobby: Playing fetch or LASER

Favorite Time of Day: When anyone walks through the front door.

Favorite Movie: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Least Favorite Thing: Bath

Do you hike, camp, or engage in outdoor sports?: I hike and go on long walks (preferably 5 miles in the cool)

Do you garden?: I dig holes and move pine straw, twigs, and sticks.

Are you a performer? If so, what do you do?: Sit, Shake, Stay, Drop it, Come, Give me a kiss

Who is your best friend?: That would have to be a three way tie between Lily (Yorkshire Terrier), Elliot (MUT), Macy (Yorkshire – West Highland Terrier Mix)

I don’t think I could have asked for a better dog. Leland is the most lovable, down-to-earth, and playful dog out there.ย  My goal is to share with you all photographs of Leland that always put a smile on my face. ๐Ÿ˜€


Caroline + Leland


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