Just like the dog in the movie, Up, Leland also knows the word, squirrel. He loves sitting by the back door just waiting to see one. The squirrels are always climbing down our oak tree and getting into our bird feeder.

This is Mr. Squirrel today.

So, every time Leland gets to go outside, he darts toward the bird feeder in hopes of catching one. However, he is usually going to quickly and slips on the pine straw and slides toward the back fence, while the squirrel gets away. Then he proceeds to look up the tree, hoping that the squirrel will, in fact, climb down while he is standing right there. Silly Leland.

There you have it. SQUIRREL!


    1. Oh man, I watched a video of the Twirl-A-Squirrel on youtube and I laughed so hard, I cried! I want to get one of those! hahaha!

  1. One day a small squirrel dropped out of a tree on the sidewalks of Shandon right in front of our Boykin Spaniel. It was like a “dream come true” for her!

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