What’s in a Name?

Often times I find myself challenged by my family and friends to bake sweet treats that are somewhat healthier for you than that of the traditional recipe. The myth that ran around my family was that they would be able to taste the difference between the traditional recipes and the my version.  Experiment commenced….

A couple of years ago I started reading Cooking Light Magazine. There I found the majority of my inspiration, including recipes and even every day tips on how to stay healthy. Since then, I’ve used the basic recipes in the Magazine and make them my own.

…During the holidays there are always designated tables in my family’s houses that are specifically set aside to display all of the desserts. Here is where my experiment lay. I made a variety of cookies, tiramisu, and a chocolate cake. At the end of the night, I heard nothing but rave reviews of my baking. Little did they know that they were all but the chocolate cake were Cooking Light recipes.

Since then, it is rare that you will find me not baking a ‘lighter’ recipe. In July of 2007, my mom and I had a peach cobbler bake-off. Even though most of my family could tell which one was the healthier version when eaten side-by-side, we still called it a draw because they were both fabulous!

Well, after all of that. I come to my final story today….

After my long hours of daydreaming in college, I came up with the name chocolate & carrots. My thought process:

Sweet Treats

Fruit & Sugar

Sugar & Fruit

Sugar & Carrots

Chocolate & Carrots

I wanted to have a place (virtual or real) where I could share the healthier versions of the foods that we love. I’d love to eventually make a café out of it, but for now, chocolateandcarrots.com suits me just fine.

I hope to share with you recipes, exercises, photographs, crafts and any other thing I deem interesting. I hope you learn something, or at the very least I put a smile on your face.



‘Isn’t it nice to know that the lining is silver.’ -Relient K


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