Save me!

Ok. So, I’m being dramatic. Today is my first day without cable television in my entire life. Ever since I can remember we’ve had the television on, whether we were attentively watching or it was just making background noise. Good ‘ole Time Warner Cable bumped up our monthly bill another $50 per month. So, we said goodbye!

I think the thing I am going to miss most is watching Food Network, especially Giada De Laurentiis. She’s my absolute favorite! And then there’s the obsession with TLC, ABC Family, E!, HGTV, and Travel Channel. *Sigh* However, I think this is going to be a real positive change. Mostly, I think it will allow Logan and my relationship to grow. We’ll actually have to talk to each other at dinner! Just kidding. Time to save us money and time. It won’t be easy, but I’m up for the challenge. Pray for me! 😉


  1. I have been praying for you, Caroline!!! I’m also checking with Logan every day to see if we need to come support an emergency TV re-installation…

    1. Haha! Thanks Nancy! And, hello, I’m Caroline, and I’m a TV-aholic. 😉 I’ve surprised myself by happily surviving with the news in the morning and HuluPlus! 😀 Thank you for the prayers! 😉

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