Saving the Dough

After attending the Extreme Couponing 101 Workshop by Jenny from last month, I have made progress on the amount of money I’m saving now at Publix, Target and CVS. I’ve been especially enjoying the art of ‘CVSing’! Yesterday I made two transactions and here’s what I got:

Transaction #1

(1) Colgate Total Toothpaste

(1) U by Kotex Tampons

Transaction #2

(1) Benefiber

(2) Head & Shoulders Shampoo

(1) Green Bag Tag

In total I spent $7.03 for everything, including tax. I saved $30.18…that’s an 81% savings. Sounds pretty good to me! If you’d like to know how, just comment and I’d be happy to share!

Au Revoir



  1. Have you found that you are buying more unnecessary stuff now just because you have a coupon for it? I am having that problem now with couponing! The saving is addictive.

    1. Haha…yeah. But, I try to only by things that we’ll use or I can give away. But, I definitely LOVE saving the money. So Fun! It’s like an awesome real-life game. 😀

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