The Chef’s Dinner

I drove up to Asheville, North Carolina, to visit with Kala on Friday, and you won’t believe what she had in store for us. Kala invited me to go with her the the Grove Park Inn for the Visiting Chef’s Dinner. And let me tell you, there are no words to describe how wonderful this meal was. I’ll do my best.

Once we arrived, we were immediately offered a glass of champagne and a welcome letter from Chef Robert Wysong of The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island (where Logan and I spent our wedding night) and Chef Lisa Scanlan of the Grove Park Inn, the chefs responsible for this event.

This is Kala.

Below is part of the view from the club house at which the even was held.

Okay, so here’s the menu. The six course dinner was set up into five different stations where you could grab a plate that was made in front of you along with the beer that it was paired perfectly with.

Shrimp & White Cheddar Jalapeño Grit Cake paired with a Highland Brewery Cattail Peak Wheat Ale….my favorite of the evening.

Okay. Short story.

There once was a girl named Kala. Kala grew up in the South. However, Kala did not like seafood. Until one day, Kala tried a Smoked Sunburst Trout Salad. She liked it! The end.

Below is the Smoked Sunburst Trout Salad. There was also a beautiful ice sculpture that housed all of the Carolina Day Boat Seafood Martinis.

Smoked Tomato Broth Sips…a.k.a. Little tiny cups of tomato soup. Yum!

Fried Green Tomatoes with Candied Bacon and Goat Cheese….the good stuff.

Ginger Peach Tasse: Crème Franche and Lemon Verbena

Pictured (L to R): Myself, Chef Wysong, Kala.

After the amazing dinner, Kala and I walked around the grounds of the Grove Park Inn. One word; gorgeous. This is Kala in front of the massive wood burning fireplace.

It was amazing evening with fabulous food and wonderful friends. Thank you Kala! Thank you Chef Wysong! Thank you Chef Scanlan! If you’re ever in Asheville, I highly recommend attending the Visiting Chef’s Dinner, just be sure to check the calendar on the Grove Park Inn’s website.



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