Restaurant Review: Rosso Trattoria Italia

Having recently discovering the hidden treasure of Rosso Trattoria Italia located in Trenholm Plaza in Columbia, South Carolina, I decided to share with you my thoughts on it.

Once we arrived, we were immediately greeted and seated. Our lovely waiter, Danny, poured us water from a beautiful glass bottle, which he left on the table. Danny was very professional and made us feel very comfortable and definitely enhanced our dining experience.

After taking our dinner requests, our waiter brought us warm bread complemented with a dipping plate consisting of the traditional olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices.

For dinner I had the Wood Grilled Swordfish with fennel-tomato agro dolce, rosso potatoes, and flame-grilled broccolini. The swordfish was perfectly cooked: tender and ever so flavorful. Also, the rosso potatoes that lie underneath the fish were beautifully seasoned. The portion size was perfect as well. No need for a to-go box!

Logan had the Lemon-Saffron Risotto, with flame-grilled jumbo sea scallops, fried capers, and extra virgin olive oil. I’ll let him tell you how it was:

First, let me say I’m not a food critic. I don’t have 3,000 adjectives to describe the texture, quality, taste and presentation of food, but in light of that I do have some excellent comments: the scallops were perfect. Grilled to perfection with a buttery smooth consistency and complimentary flavors created a winner. The side dishes that accompanied the scallops were excellent as well, which included crisp broccolini and savory risotto. I’d get the dish again.

Overall Ratings (Instead of stars, I’m giving it ‘C’s.) Highest: CCCCC Price: $$$$$


Waitstaff: CCCCC

Atmosphere: CCC

Overall: CCCC

Price: $$$ ($15-$25)

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