Camping Black Balsam Knob: Part II

After our long and exciting day of hiking, we took some time just to rest, Leland hunted for bugs in the grass, and then we had to start collecting wood for our fire.

…PG-13, sorry…


It was supposed to get down to 34° and we definitely wanted the warmth of the fire.

However, we had a minor problem. Since Black Balsam Knob is barren of trees, the majority of what we collected were twigs…for the exception of the two rotten ‘trees’ the men found.

What would we do without our men!?!?

The beginnings of our fire…

It wasn’t even 5pm yet, the sun started to reach the horizon, and it started getting cold…

…and not only was he cold, he was very tired too…

And as if we hadn’t had enough food yet…it was time for another meal. I hope you didn’t worry, because there was no way I’d let these campers go hungry. I packed goooood.

Dinner Menu

  • Turkey hot dogs served on whole wheat buns with ketchup, relish, and turkey and bean chili for the women
  • Polska Kielbasa dogs served on whole wheat buns with ketchup and turkey and bean chili for the men
  • Side of vegetarian baked beans

Okay…brace yourselves…this is my FAVORITE part!


…followed by dessert (Those of you who know me, knew there had to be dessert in there somewhere…what’s a dinner without dessert?!?)

Dessert Menu

  • S’mores

Yes, setting the chocolate on the rock by the heat was the greatest idea EVER! It made the chocolate so soft and gooey that it blended right in there with that amazing marshmallow.


With dinner…and dessert devoured, Leland send us a hint that it was time for bed.

But, first…check out the stars. I’ve never seen so many.

After a very rough night’s sleep….even with us all waking up at 1:30am…praying that it was morning, swearing that it had to be 6:30am…we slept through the night and woke up to an amazing sunrise.

Next stop on our adventure was to drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway and have a wonderful brunch at Mayfel’s. First, we stopped at the Looking Glass Overlook and shot some photos of the beautiful fog.

Sorry, I didn’t get any shots of our awesome breakfast. I will tell you though, that it’s the second time that I’ve had Mayfel’s Hillbilly Breakfast with scrambled eggs, veggie sausage, biscuit and gravy, and home fries (for Leland and Logan to split)…and it was amazing. I was a happy girl, ready to drive home and take a warm bubble bath.

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