Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I managed to find some pictures from Halloween last year and the year before.  Enjoy!

And for all of you Saab lovers…

Leland’s first Halloween: A pumpkin

He was determined to get some of the good stuff…candy.

By the end of the night…

…Leland got a lick…

…of the wrapper.You would think that single lick put him into a sugar comma, allowing us to manipulate him into giving a high five…

…Either that, or he was just doing what he was told (giving a high five) in hopes of getting another lick…

…but this time, a lick of the real thing. 😉

Well, we ended up being nice and gave him a wheat thin for his efforts.

And it was goooood…

After a long night of food, friends and fun…it’s time for bed.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!




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