Anniversary and a Birthday!

I have some statistics for you.

Total amount of time Logan and I have been ‘together’: 7 years 2 months 6 days

Amount of time Logan and I have been married: 2 years

Age we were when we first met: 16 (Caroline) 17 (Logan)

Number of years Logan and I were in a long distance relationship: 5 years (years 2-6)

Approximate combined mileage accrued from long distance relationship: 33,000 miles

Number of gallons of fuel: 1100 gallons

Amount spent on that fuel (gas price at $2.50): $2,750

Number of combined hours spent traveling to see one another: 660 hours = 27.5 days

Number of months we were married and in a long distance relationship: 5.5 months

Number of tears shed because I was missing Logan (where average number of tears per cry isΒ  20): 4,000 tears

Number of tears shed since Logan and I were married and live in the same place: 1 or 2…but never because of him

Age when Logan and I will have been ‘together’ for half of our lives: 34

Age when Logan and I will have been married for half of our lives: 44

Age I turned yesterday: 24

How happy I am today: ∞

That’s all the math I have today.

I’m glad to know that my mathematics degree is coming in handy! πŸ˜‰

And for all of those computer nerds:

do {

while (death != true);

Happy 2nd Anniversary Logan!

Also, a big Happy Birthday to my Grandma, Elaine Starr! Thank you for sharing your birthday with us on our wedding day. πŸ™‚ I love you!


    1. Kuddos to anyone that does long distance. I don’t know how army wives do it during the duration of their husband’s careers. Yay for keeping strong!

  1. Happy anniversary Caroline and Logan! Love the math. But what matters most in the relationship is the computation. Go coders!

  2. My 27 year old niece has a saying… “so stinkin’ cute”… and that was the thought that came to mind when I read today’s post! Happy Anniversary to the digerati and his beautiful bride! P.S. I loved the math statistics too πŸ™‚

  3. I forgot to add… Happy belated birthday to Caroline! One of my favorite pictures of me and DB was taken in front of my 24th birthday jello cake!!! Yes, it was spiked…

  4. You’re such a math nerd!!! Ü I would say that your ROI (return on investment) was well worth the sacrifices. Best wishes for continued, ever increasing, love and happiness for both of you!

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