Early Energy?

It was early…6:00am, to be exact.

Leland wanted to be in the photo too…he is to the right of my leg, jumping up onto the couch. 🙂

Logan and I ran the 8K (4.97 miles) race. We ran a pretty good run, having not run 5 miles in about a month (We had just been doing 5K, 4-5 times a week). We left after we ran, knowing we couldn’t have won anything…to our surprise, I won 2nd! My first win. Crazy and it was a pretty close run! We must have been right on each other’s heals

Place Bib   Name                Ag City               St Time    Pace
===== ===== =================== == ================== == ======= =====
    1   519 MEGAN WHALEY        24 Columbia           SC   43:24  8:44
    2   146 CAROLINE EDWARDS    23 Columbia           SC   43:32  8:46
    3   661 ELIZABETH SHEEHAN   24 Columbia           SC   43:36  8:47

Afterwards, we had the breakfast of champions: Chick-fil-a!

Caroline’s Breakfast:

  • Pre-run banana
  • Post-run Chicken & Egg Bagel with Barbecue Sauce
  • Post-run Decaf Coffee with two Half-N-Half’s

Logan’s Breakfast

  • Pre-run burnt whole wheat bagel
  • Post-run bagel
  • Post-run orange slice
  • Post-run Chick-fil-a breakfast platter
  • Post-run Coffee


    1. Agreed. My favorite splurge of a breakfast! Have you tried their spicy chicken biscuit yet? My husband and I are going to get our free one on Saturday…you just have to register online for a time. 🙂 Yum!

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