The Secret that lies beneath Soy Lattes

Two years ago for Christmas, Logan and I got a Breville Espresso Machine. I’m pretty sure Santa’s inspiration was that I used to be a barista at Starbucks in Charleston, SC (King Street Starbucks shout out! Woo Hoo!) and longed for a machine to work my magic on.

The sad thing was that when Logan and I got married, we we’re living 2 hours away from one another for the first 7 months (until I graduated from the College). During those months our amazing Breville was living with Logan in our home.

I had to get my caffeine fix somewhere…

So, I FREQUENTLY visited Metto. That is where these lovely photographed lattes came from.

The Orders

Caroline: Small Soy Latte

My reasoning is that I drink plenty of skim milk at home, with the exception of soy milk when it’s on sale (I also stock up on soy milk cartons and stick them in the back of the fridge for the days when we run out of milk…back up…always good) and I like to diversify my protein among its other health benefits. And the absolute best reason to get soy lattes:

Soy Steaming Lesson: When you steam milk, you want to steam it until it reaches 160° (Starbucks machines automatically stop steaming when it reaches that temperature). However, soy milk is different that normal cow’s milk. When you steam it to a certain temperature, the temperature continues to rise for another 20°. So, if your barista is not aware of this, they will let the machine steam it until it reaches 160°, it will stop steaming, and then rise to 180°. And here’s the secret to all secrets….it tastes like COOKIES! But, some of the barista’s out there know that you should only steam it until it reaches 140°…and consequently rises itself to 160°.

Be aware of this when you got to get your next soy latte. If they are AWESOME and are INEXPERIENCED, they will steam to 160°, leading to a 180° soy latte that tastes like COOKIES! Just be careful. If they do this, it will be very hot when you first try to take a sip. Just let it cool down for a couple of minutes and then enjoy that cookie-tasting soy latte. YUMMM!!!

Logan: Medium Whole-Freakin’-Milk Latte

We never buy whole milk at our house and Logan is usually very happy with a skim latte, but this time…he got whole milk. That’s right, you read that sentence correctly. Whole Milk. MMMMMMM! Check out that creamy tasty foam!


  1. No wonder I love soy lattes so much! I knew they tasted better than other kinds of milk…it’s because they taste like cookies! Lucky me, my friend works for Silk and gives me free coupons quite often so my fridge stays stocked with it.

  2. HI! I found your site earlier today (did a google search for tortellini made with wontons…) and really have enjoyed a few of the recipes I have seen so far. I just wanted to point out that over 90% of our soy supply is genetically modified (even if its “organic”) and is very bad to consume. Cows milk is bad for you too – especially those processed to remove fats – so you are better off doing without. I recommend trying coconut, almond or rice milk in its place. My favorite is the coconut milk. Anyways, I can’t wait to try the tortellini. Thanks!

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