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One thing you must know about Columbia is that it’s not very ‘local’ driven, at least of what we have seen. The closest to local that I had ever known here is shopping at Earthfare. However, one of Logan’s coworkers, Jesse, told us about the All Local Farmer’s Market in downtown Columbia. Since we are all for shopping local, we headed out on Saturday.

All Local has a variety of different local vendors, live musicians, and hot breakfasts all in a newly built warehouse.


  • One Dozen all natural, free range, antibiotic and hormone free eggs from Wil-Moore Farms
  • 1/2 gallon Happy Cow all natural, pasture raised and grass fed whole milk (Logan was SUPER excited about this. He immediately went home and made a whole milk latte. No surprises here.)
  • Head of Boston lettuce from Crooked Cedar Farm
  • 1/2 pound Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Indah Coffee Co. just roasted that morning
  • (Specifically Logan’s purchase) from Kielbasa, hot Italian sausage and bacon Caw Caw Creek Farm

Also, recently built and opened in Columbia is the South Carolina Farmer’s Market. We have yet to venture over there, but can’t wait to see what it has in store for us!

Buy Local!


  1. Glad ya’ll made it! I go pretty much every week. The thing that surprises me the most though, is that around half of the vendors change each week, however the stock stuff, meat, produce, etc usually is the same farmers. So its interesting to see different stuff each week. Hope you can make it back. I go almost every week between 8 and 9am.

  2. Also check out Rosewood Market. And the State Farmers Market retail stuff wasn’t ready at Christmas tree time, might want to wait on that a bit. Also… Four Oaks Farm in Lexington. Richland Mall and USC have farmers markets starting up again in the spring….

  3. Our All-Local market is pretty great. Glad you found it. You should also check out Rosewood Market, Columbia’s original natural foods market on Rosewood Drive. Locally owned and operated.

  4. I love the Market but don’t forget Rosewood Market it is a locally owned store that cariies a lot of the same products as the market!

  5. I <3 the All Local Farmer's Market, but since it's been nippy out in the mornings I haven't been able to drag out there. I have this cute fantasy of my husband and I riding out bikes out there from across the river one spring morning with our baskets full of veggies and flowers, but biking on the Blossom St. bridge scares the hell out of me. :\

    1. haha…what a lovely picture! 😀 But, I agreed, biking in general in Columbia scares the hell out of me! My sister’s friend got hit by a car, while he was biking and he was injured pretty bad and the cop gave him a ticket and let the driver off the hook. It was bad. Grr….we need to make Columbia a more bike friendly city. 🙂

  6. just stumbled upon your blog and i love it! gorgeous pictures and delicious looking recipes.:) i’m also a S.C. girl and a huge fan of happy cow’s products. have you tried their butter before? aaaamaaazing!

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