Game Night: Star Wars Monopoly Edition

Ever since Logan and I got rid of cable, we’ve had a lot of extra time on our hands. And what’s a better way to spend it, than to play a game?!?

Last night was Monopoly Night: Star Wars The Original Trilogy Edition.

I was Darth Vader…and the ruler of the Galactic Empire. Done. Game face on. Hands on the hips. What Darth? Are you pouting because you’re going to loooose???

Logan was Luke Skywalker. Leader of the Rebellion. Watch out young Skywalker. Darth is commming!

Leland monitored the battle between good and evil. He went and hid under the bed when the game got a little intense and we pulled out our light sabers to fight it out. 😉

Alas, we used our phones to roll the die. What geeks we are.

Game Time: approximately 3 hours

Game Story:

Skywalker (Luke) was in the lead. Then, got bombarded by a couple of bad rolls. He was forced into jail…twice. Then, landed on my properties in Tatooine & Yavin 4 in which I had star destroyers ready to kick Luke’s butt and make him pay big time rent. Then, over the next couple of moves, Luke had to sell all of this properties to the bank at half price just to pay Darth rent….until he went broke.

Anyway…to make a long story short: I won. Boo ya. 😉

Do you and your family/friends have game nights? What games do you play?


  1. I just found your blog and so far I’ve really enjoyed it! 🙂

    My husband and I LOVE card/board games and have game nights all the time!! We really love Uno, Monopoly, Risk, Life, Yahtzee, etc for old school games. For newer games, we love Apples to Apples, BezzerWizzer, Cranium, Boxer or Briefs. My Husband is also a big fan of adventure based games which I am not as into.

    Canceling Cable is a crazy/awesome idea!

    1. Logan and I too love Uno and definitely Apples to Apples (That game is hilarious!) I’ve never heard of some of the newer games. Looks like I have a trip to the toy section of Target in store for me! ;-D

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