Essential Bakers Tool: Cake Tester Edition

The best $5 I’ve ever spent.

Have you ever used up 7+ toothpicks to test if your baked good is finished baking?

I have and I never have to waste another toothpick to test a cake, muffin, or bread. Plus, the diameter of the metal tester is so small that you can hardly even see where it poked the baked good. No evidence.

This is my OXO brand cake tester. But, there are many different brands out there, so go and find one you like! 😀

If you want some good ideas of things to use your awesome new tester, check out some of my recipes 🙂 :

My opinions about this product are my own and I received no monetary compensation to review this product.


    1. I guess you could, they are just so cheap that if you test your cake and it’s not done (leaving cake batter on your toothpick), I just get another one to test it again. That’s why I love using my cake tester so much, you just wipe it off and use it again and again! 😀

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