Freeze Dried Strawberries

I know all of you folks up North are freezing! Yesterday was a beautiful 70 degrees in Columbia, SC. I borrowed my grandmother’s BMW Z3 to run my errands, and it was a definite top-down kind of day. I wish I had taken a picture. So sorry. 🙂

Unfortunately, today and tomorrow are going to be gross and cold. Eww…so to cheer us up….may I introduce to you, freeze dried strawberries…

Delicious and nutritious!

We have a rule in our house: No high fructose corn syrup….generally not any of that chemical, processed, sugar crap; but especially not high fructose corn syrup since it seems to be put in everything these days. That includes Special K red berries cereal. Actually, I haven’t found one kind of Special K that doesn’t include it. Bummer, because it’s so good!

Not to worry. Freeze dried strawberries to the rescue!

I’ve been adding these delicious natural treats to my cereal (making my own version of special k red berries), yogurt, trail mix and granola!

What other things would you top with freeze dried strawberries or bake with them?


  1. I have noticed a lot of companies changing their food formulas and getting rid of hfcs. At least that is what I see in breads now so I think it is only a question of time till it trickles down to special k. It was nice and warm here in VA too, those strawberries look so good on anything, oatmeal, cereal, salad. I wonder how good they would be drizzled with chocolate, anything like chocolate covered ones?

  2. I love that you’re recreating a favorite cereal and making it healthier. I’ve never had freeze dried strawberries, so I’m not quite sure what the texture is like, but I would try them in muffins. Maybe crush them and mix into the batter. Also, I’m going to mix some pureed raspberries into whipped cream to sweeten it and make it pink for Valentine’s cupcakes – that might work with these too!

    1. What a great idea! My husband would go crazy for that raspberry whipped cream. He’s a whipped cream fanatic. 🙂

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