Leland and a Biscuit?

No, silly. Not that kind of biscuit.

This is Biscuit.

Biscuit is my grandparents new dog. He is a Mi-Ki.

Biscuit is just fascinated with Leland, but every time we visit, Leland wants nothing to do with the little puppy. He finds high places to get away from the hyper puppy. In this case, grandma’s lap.

I don’t mind though, because that means I get to play with the precious thing more! 😀


  1. 🙂 So cute. In fact, my little cousin (5 yrs old) told me that Biscuit was WAY cuter than Leland. Haha…I tend to agree with him. How can you resist that face and those ears! 🙂 In the end, Leland will always be my #1 favorite dog. 😉

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