Restaurant Review: 32 Degrees Yogurt Bar

If you haven’t noticed yet, I like dessert. A lot.

And I am loving all of the new self serving yogurt shops going up all over the place.

Logan and I frequent these shops regularly in Columbia.

However, this place was new to us. We tried 32 degrees yogurt bar in Charleston and it was awesome. The amount of options for toppings and yogurt was amazing when compared to the shops in Columbia…until we got our own 32 degrees in Columbia. YES!

Oh, and one more awesome thing about 32 degrees is that they like to give out $1 off coupons and you get a frequency card punched every time you go. 🙂 Yay for saving money.

The only down side to these self serving yogurt bars is that they usually only give you a one-sized cup option. BIG. Their tricks got me the first time, but I figured them out fast. I only get a tiny baby big of yogurt and toppings and it is quite satisfying. Logan on the other hand, gets fooled every time. His eyes are definitely larger than his stomach. 😀 Love you my fro-yo king! 😉

Anyway…enough jibber jabber, on to the fro-yo!

Logan’s frozen yogurt cup: original tart and strawberry frozen yogurt topped with oreo, chocolate chips and blackberries.

Caroline’s frozen yogurt cup: Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter frozen yogurt topped with snickers and m&ms. Mmmmm! CHOCOLATE and peanut butter!

Who’s with me and loves dessert?!?!? Especially frozen yogurt! Weeeee! 🙂

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