A: Age – 24 years old
B: Bed size –
My husband, Leland and I share a queen-sized bed.
C: Chore you hate –
In regards to household chores, I love to clean, so that isn’t an issue. Grooming Leland, on the other hand, is a chore I could do without. 🙂
D: Dogs –
Leland. You all know a little about him by now! If not, check out his designated blog posts. You can tell we don’t have children yet, right?!?

E: Essential start to your day –
Breakfast. Which usually consists of one of the following: whole wheat pancakes with banana, peanut butter and syrup; whole wheat English muffin with egg white, veggie sausage and cheese with a sliced orange; granola and oats with milk; peanut butter and jelly oatmeal

F: Favorite color –
It’s been pink ever since I can remember, but I am loving yellow and turquoise right now. 🙂 Spring fever?

G: Gold or silver –
Silver, or shall we say, white gold. 😀

H: Height –
I: Instruments you play –
Flute and piccolo

Drum major my senior year of high school (I’m on the left).

My senior piccolo photo.

J: Job title –
Homemaker, blogger
K: Kids –
None yet, but we are looking forward to having some human children of our own (See D)
L: Live –
Columbia, South Carolina

M: Mom’s name –
Mary Ruth

N: Nicknames –
Superstarr (maiden name is Starr)
O: Overnight hospital stays –
Day of my birth?
P: Pet peeve –
hearing people chew. To solve this, we always have: 1. Dinner outside, 2. Dinner with music on, 3. Dinner with news on in the background.
Q: Quote from a movie –
Mr. Darcy: And what am I to call you when I’m cross? “Mrs. Darcy?”  Elizabeth Bennett: No, you may only call me “Mrs. Darcy” when you are completely, perfectly and incandescently happy. Mr. Darcy: And how are you this evening… Mrs. Darcy? Mrs. Darcy… Mrs. Darcy… Mrs. Darcy!
[kisses her]
R: Right or left handed – Right handed
S: Siblings –
Three younger sisters: Katie (20…21 in one month), Margaret (17…18 on Saturday), Eliza (13…14 on Friday)

From left to right: Margaret, Katie, Eliza, Caroline

T: Time you wake up –
6:05am [weekdays] and 7:00am [weekends] <–there is no alarm here. I have just been cursed to not sleep late.
U: Underwear –
Um, I wear them.
V: Vegetables you dislike –
Avocado…I hate to say that too, because I really love them, just allergic.
W: What makes you run late –
Traffic? But, only in really odd occasions. I usually leave WAY early for everything. Ever since I was in high school band and was the drum major, I have always had the motto: ‘Early is on time, On time is late.’
X: X-rays you’ve had –
Tons of orthodontic/dentistry x-rays…I’ve had braces twice. Ugh.
Y: Yummy food you make –
I make anything absolutely delicious when it has chocolate in it. I think it makes it even more delicious because chocolate is my favorite food group.
Z: Zoo-favorite animal –
Meerkat. The are so fascinatingly hilarious to watch dig their little holes.



  1. Ohh, bummer about the avocados 🙁 And ick to wearing braces twice, they wanted me to do that and I said, “go through that torture, again?! OH HECK NO!” And yay to furbabies 🙂

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