Crystal Light: Pure Fitness Review & Giveaway

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The winner is Rachel E!

I know that you aren’t accustomed to product reviews on chocolate & carrots, but I thought this one pertained to us. Especially with all of the sweets that we inhale on a weekly daily basis. 🙂

I can’t stress enough how important drinking water is. I mean, for goodness sake, our bodies are made of anywhere from 55-78% water! Can you believe that!

Some members of my family (for their sakes, will not be mentioned), have a very bad addiction to diet sodas. It is a rare thing for me to find them drinking milk or even water.

I’m no doctor or specialist, but with all of the research being done in the long term effects of the chemicals and syrups in diet sodas, and just based on the common knowledge that soda is a man-made drink, it makes me very uneasy to drink any kind of soda. I think the ‘Everything in moderation’ motto works great in this instance. As with our sweets. 🙂

Back to my family members and me…When I’m not ‘feeling’ water, I love adding a little bit of lemon into water (Thanks for the tip Dad and Eliza!). But, for an even easier method of hydrating on the go…flavored water and may I direct your attention to this new little invention by Crystal Light:

Crystal Light Pure Fitness
Flavor: Grape

Now, grape would not have been my first choice in flavors, but it was surprisingly good. And it has electrolytes! Woo hoo!

They recommend your empty 1 packet into 16.9 fluid ounces of water, but I preferred it even more with 32 ounces of water. It is watered down, but it just gives you that hint of grape in your water instead of ‘Woah, That’s Flavored Water!’

When I was scanning the nutrition facts on the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find no sugar alcohols or crazy words that I couldn’t even pronounce.

There is evaporated cane juice…heard of it.

Sugar…there’s one we’re familiar with!

Citric acid and Malic Acid….I’m no chemistry buff, so find more about those here and here.

And some more ingredients that are easily researched on the internet. I found that they were all used in ‘natural products’….

But, the thing I found most interesting was that instead of coloring it with gross dyes, they used dried purple carrot extract and dried hibiscus flower extract. So cool! 😀

Anyway, there’s only 15 calories per serving (where a serving is half a packet), but if you do it like I do, and pour an entire packet into 32 ounces of water, it’s only 7.5 calories per serving (8 ounces of liquid). Not to shabby!

Anyway, I wanted you guys to have a chance to give it a try too!

Giveaway Prizes:

We’re giving away FOUR boxes of Crystal Light Pure Fitness: Grape (each box has 7 packets!) to One lucky winner!

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How to Enter: Leave a comment on this page telling me: What is your favorite way to get hydrated?

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  1. I loved drinking ICED water during the summer time. There is no ice in Europe and I miss it greatly. I am a fan of C&C on Facebook!!

  2. I carry a big water bottle with me at all times – if it’s available, I’m more likely to drink it!

  3. I totally agree with you on the diet drinks thing…a lot of my friends and family drink these like its their job and I feel uncomfortable about it. I used to drink diet soda but don’t anymore after reading “Skinny Bitch” and learning about all of the awful artificial stuff that goes in it!

    My favorite way to hydrate is with water! I probably drink almost a gallon a day!

  4. I usually just drink plain water to hydrate. I have half finished bottles sitting on every flat surface in my apartment…it drives my husband crazy! I also used to drink the ‘Clear American’ drinks from Wal*Mart when I needed to mix it up. They come in fruit flavors and are slightly carbonated, but the nutritional label reads 0’s all the way down!

    – I follow on twitter, @taylornick
    – I tweeted about this giveaway and tagged @chocandcarrots
    – I’m a fan on Facebook, that’s where I saw this post
    – I added your RSS to my feed reader 🙂

  5. I’ll have to admit that I am one of those Diet Coke addicts, but I have been trying to cut back by drinking a cup of Green Tea in the morning and switching to Cranberry juice with a splash of carbonated water in the evening. Maybe these Crystal Light drink mixes are just what I need to start drinking more water 🙂

  6. I not only always have a bottle of water with me but I challenge myself to drink 2 bottles before lunch and 2 bottles after lunch.

  7. hi y’all!
    I am trying hard to drink more water, but I’m not doing the best – maybe this will help!

  8. I carry around a (non-disposable) bottle of water all day at work. I always feel kind of silly toting it around, but I’m never thirsty! 🙂

  9. I love just plain ‘ol water. I do like to add some Crystal Light every now and then or some lemon. I haven’t tried the pure fitness Crystal Light and would love to!

  10. I carry around a 1 liter bottle of water around! Being able to carry around a bigger bottle keeps me focused on getting my intake for the day!

  11. I don’t nearly drink as much as I need to and luckily I HATE soda. When I do drink, it’s definitely water 🙂

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