Mountain Trip

This past weekend, my brother-in-law (Tyler), his girlfriend (Chelsea), our friends Becca and her boyfriend (Lee), my husband (Logan), our dog (Leland) and I traveled to Cleveland, South Carolina for a weekend in the mountains of South Carolina.

Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for letting us use their AMAZING new mountain house!!! 😀

These are some highlights of the trip:

Leland ‘owning’ the fire place.


Day 1: Caesar’s Head State Park

Chelsea huddled in the warmth of Tyler’s jacket.

Raven Cliff Falls, tallest waterfall in South Carolina. We hiked all the way to the suspension bridge at the top of the falls. Raven Cliff Falls hike: 9 mile strenuous hike.


From left to right: Logan, Caroline (Me), Becca, Lee, Tyler, Chelsea


Tyler and Lee with their man-made pointy sticks.


About midway through this 9 mile hike, we had to cross the river on cables.


This is on that suspension bridge about 4.5 miles into the hike.


A much needed lunch break at the suspension bridge!


When we got back, all of the boys, including Leland went down for a nap. All the while, the ladies baked delicious chocolatey treats in the kitchen. What a hard life those boys live. 😉



Day 2: Table Rock State Park

The next day (we were SOOO SORE), we went to Table Rock State Park to do a 7.2 mile hike.


It was much hotter that day and instead of the trail going up and down, it was straight up (literally) for 3.6 miles and straight down for 3.6 miles. Intense.

Darth Vader?


Almost to the summit, taking a break on the big rock.

Ugh…almost there!!!


We had a great trip. A very exercised-filled trip…full of delicious homemade meals and tasty desserts.



  1. We’re famous now! Fun trip! Caroline, your baking was amazing as always!!! (Coming from a guy who isn’t much of a dessert person) 🙂

  2. That looks like such a wonderful trip! We recently took a similar vacation to North Carolina and your hiking pictures make me want to go again!

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