My First Blogger Meet-Up!

This is Christina from the awesome health, food, and babe-watching blog, Hungry Meets Healthy.

She lives in my hometown of Mount Pleasant, SC and since I am in town for the week, we decided to meet up! We met up at Metto, the greatest coffee shop in Mount Pleasant. We both got gorgeous lattes and talked for over 4 hours. The time absolutely flew by…we were both very surprised to look at our clocks to see how much time had passed. It was like we had known each other for years. I love it! We talked about everything from our favorite restaurants, to blog details, and from food photography to travel. Lots and lots to talk about! 😀

She is an amazing person (especially with a hula hoop 😉 ) and I can’t wait to meet up again. Until then, go visit her blog! You’re in for a treat!

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