Ikea Day

I was perusing through the Ikea 2012 catalog the other day and promptly said this:

And that was that. Problem solved. We were off to Ikea Charlotte…


After driving in the car all morning…it was lunch time…Ikea food style.

(Svvveeedissshh meatballs, roasted pepper basil mozzarella panini and chocolate cake)

After walking for what seemed like hours through the crowds of people we made it too my favorite section: kitchens.

Then my next favorite: chocolate.

On our way back home, we stopped in to walk along Tryon and Trade streets in downtown Charlotte and refueled with some of this:

If you want to check out my other instagram photos…please excuse the bad quality (I have a lame-oh iPhone 3G that is a dinosaur)…..click here.

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  1. I love ikea, I haven’t been in ages but I could buy practically all of my home things from there no problem!
    I’ve never eaten there though, this must be remedied 😛

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