Music: Mat Kearney

I get in music ruts.

In high school I was all about the top 40. You know, N’sync, Justin Timberlake, Hanson, Brittney, J-Lo….mixed with a little Jimmy Eat World, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte.

You know you listened to them too…

…and probably still would if they came on your iPod. 😉

Then, I met my ‘rock star’ high school sweetheart. He got me into rock ‘n roll. You know, Underoath, Thrice, Taking Back Sunday, Relient k, and the list goes on and on…

Now that I live in my kitchen, Ooo…note for later: kitchen bed? I love to listen to my favorite artists while I bake. It just ups the mood for the whole experience. I’m obsessed with Pandora (Shhh…don’t tell Pandora but there aren’t any adds on the app on our blu-ray player, yet) and I love my Michael Bublé and Relient K stations. I’ve also recently fell in love with Manchester Orchestra’s album, Simple Math (maybe I initially liked it just because of the title, but I really do like the album) and my new favorite jams:

I had never heard of Mat Kearney before and I asked my sister (total music-oholic) and of course, she had heard of him and liked his stuff. So, I gave it a listen…

…and another listen…

…and now it’s what I listen to (on repeat) while I bake. Love it!

It’s got an interesting blend of hip-hop/rap and melodic alternative. So it’s fun and pop-y and then calm and relaxing. Perfection in baking music. 🙂

So, listen to this one:

And this one:

And my favorite:


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  1. awesome timing- I’ll be doing a bunch of baking this (Sunday) afternoon, and I need stuff to listen to. I’m pretty into classical music and always looking for other alternatives to get me out of my rut. I’ll check out Matt (and Paul) today!

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