The Measuring Cup

So, I made brownies last night.

It’s your fault, see?:

Well, I gave Leland the peanut butter measuring cup to clean.

He’d lick it until it made it to the edge or corner of the room. Then, he’d pick it up and put it back in the center of the room and start again.

He even had to take a water and burp break at one point.

I love our dog.

He shares my passion for peanut butter and the joys of baking with it. 😉


  1. That is so funny! My cat does the same thing…except with grasshopper :s They would start to get away and she’d grab it and carry it to the center of the living room again. Not as cute as your puppy! And I love his name!

  2. Love seeing Leland’s exploits! I had a beagle growing up (Charlotte) that would close her eyes in some kind of doggy ectasy as she would lick the peanut butter spoon. The funniest part was watching her when she got some stuck to the roof of her mouth. Mindless entertainment for sure… Good memories! Ü

  3. i’m stealing your dog. he is SO cute!! i vote you move closer to me so i can puppy-sit and eat all your brownies that you make at 9:15pm cus clearly we are on the same wavelength 😉

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