384 Cans of Coke on the Floor

My mom is a diet coke fanatic. She should buy some coke stock…I’m not even kidding.

For Christmas, my 3 sisters and I decided to make her a diet coke Christmas tree for her present, made with 385 diet cokes (384 cans and a 2 liter bottle).

Believe it or not, that will probably only last my family 3 months!

So, if you have a soda fan in your family, this is a great gift….jaws will drop. 🙂

And I thought I’d share a photo of the family Christmas morning at breakfast. I’m the one in the orange crown next to my Mr. Chocolate & Carrots in purple. 😀

I hope you all had a great holiday!


  1. What a great surprise for your Mom! I think it would have to be Dr. Pepper in our family. I love the cast of characters seated around the table. It’s easy to see the love you have for each other, and fun you all have being together. Even Grumpy on the far left… Ü Happy and blessed 2012 to you and Logan!!!

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