Christmas Apple Tree

Yes, my family is psycho in love with Apple products. I even went to Silcone Valley to stalk Apple (and many others like Firefox, Google, Ebay, Amazon…) while we were in San Francisco.

So, we were all sitting in the living room and we all seemed to be on a computer (which is dumb if you ask me if you’re spending time with family). It always seems like we’re facebooking, tweeting, and words with friends-ing? each other, RIGHT next to one another!

I think it’s hilarious.

To document our craziness we made an Christmas Apple Tree. Click on the photo if you want to zoom in any.

Is your family weird like mine?

This is funny right?



  1. this is exactly how my family is haha when we get together, all our iPhones are sitting on the counter next to each’s pretty funny lol

    i LOVE san fran! i can’t wait to go back. one of my most favorite cities 🙂

  2. Oh man, my family is the same exact way! I love your Christmas tree haha! When we came out here to San Francisco to find a place to live, the first thing we did was go see Apple headquarters. Thankfully we also found a house to move in to. haha!

  3. This is our family to a “T”! My husband has… Mac Desktop,MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, iPad… I have 2 MacBooks, iphone, ipad

    I think it’s ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. I was just informed yesterday he was thinking of buying a new one… really??

  4. Ahahaha, my family is *exactly* the same way. We could be an advertisement for Apple, I swear. Plus because so many of us are spread all over the country, we usually spend at least a portion of most holidays FaceTime-ing on our Apple products! 😉

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