Gift Ideas for the Chef

Need any last minute gifts for the chef in your life? Here a just a few that I recommend!

Be sure and watch the video that my husband and I made for the Eat Smart kitchen scale!!! *Proud moment*

  1. A Silpat Mat – The most used tool in my kitchen. Baked goods never ever stick to this!
  2. An Eat Smart kitchen scale – A great way to ensure you’re getting the correct amount of your ingredients, especially hard to measure ones like flour.
    • Compact in size
    • Affordable price
    • Accurate measurements
    • Good way to count calories

Like my video? Shout out thank you to the videographer, Logan (husband)! 😀


  1. A Blendtec blender – The greatest and most powerful kitchen appliance I’ve ever owned. You need one of these!
  2. A Magnetic Chalkboard Menu Board – You can make this one yourself by following this guide. You’ll never have to ask yourself, ‘What are we having for dinner tonight?’

    New chalkboard = happy wife!
  3. A Chef’s knife – I have a Zwilling Cronidur 6″ Chef’s Knife with a stand. I use it constantly.
  4. A cutting board – I don’t know what I would do without a beautiful, yet useful, cutting board that sits on the counter all day waiting for me to chop on it. 😀 I use a John Boos.
  5. A cute Apron – Just a little thing on my wish list! I’ve been good Santa! 😉  image from Amazon
  6. Butt loads of chocolate chips – You can never have enough!
  7. A stand mixer – Once of the most essential tools any baker could have.
  8. And for more ideas, check out my goodies from last year!


This video was sponsored by Eat Smart kitchen scales. I received a complementary kitchen scale to make this video. My opinion of this product is all my own.


  1. I was looking into Zwilling knives a few hours ago! I was trying to decide if it’s really worth an extra $100 or whatever it is to get a knife from top line. I have 20% off coupons for a kitchen store and coupons basically don’t exist here, so I’m trying to make the most out of my coupon. Maybe I’ll get my husband a knife for Christmas. He kitchen job is to cut meat.

    This list is spot on. I don’t have a Blendtec but I’m sure it’s amazing. Nice video!

    Silpats are my most used kitchen item. I have five and I still find that I don’t have enough. I wish they sold them at Sam’s or Costco in bulk (and that I had access to Sam’s or Costco).

    1. The knife is definitely worth it. It will last forever (with occasional professional sharpening)! Your husband will love it! And I completely agree…Silpats definitely need to be sold in bulk. Us bakers need that! 😀

    1. Thanks Nicci! I use a Canon 7D. The video was shot with our 11-16 lens, but shoot all of my food photography with my 50mm lens. 🙂

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