Saab, Ikea, Food, and Friends! {Charlotte, North Carolina}

This past weekend Logan and I made a trip up to Charlotte, NC.

Driving up, we met up with some Saab fanatics. Once in Charlotte, we spent a couple of hours hanging out with all of the Saabs and their drivers!

See, that’s a lot of Saabs (50+)!

That night, while waiting for our reservation at Cowfish (per Taylor from Taylor Takes a Taste‘s amazing recommendation), I just had to do a little shopping at Crate & Barrel!

Since it was my first trip to Crate & Barrel, I went a tini-tiny bit crazy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

After a very successful shopping trip, we (Logan, his high school friend Alex, and I) had worked up an appetite for some good ‘ole burgers at Cowfish. Below is the homemade veggie burger with sweet potato fries that I ordered.

Needless to say it was incredible. I think Logan and I would drive back to Charlotte just for some more burgers!

Afterwards, we went over toย Amelie’s French Bakery for some dessert. Not to harp on their desserts, but since I wasn’t into chocolate, I wanted something fruity and got a miniature strawberry cake. I wasn’t too impressed because 3/4ths of the cake was buttercream, which I’m not too crazy about. I just wanted the delicious strawberry filling and white cake beneath it that was delicious!

I did however, love the decor of Amelie’s, especially this chandelier!

The next morning, after a lovely stay at the Aloft in Ballantyne, we were off to Ikea for a little baby shopping with my good friend and fellow pregnant food blogger, Brooke from Baking with Basil and her husband!

Hello, dream kitchen! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, we had such a great time at brunch and shopping at Ikea that I completely forgot to snap a photo of us! I was kicking myself afterwards for not remembering. I guess it’s the pregnancy brain at fault, right?

It was a great weekend!

Have you been to Charlotte? Ikea? Cowfish? Amilee’s?



  1. I’ve been to Ikea in Charlotte once, and I want to go back soon. Love that place! I’ve never heard of either restaurant you mentioned, but thanks for the reviews. That veg burger looks so good. I’ll have to add these to my list the next time we go to Charlotte.

  2. I love Amelie’s. I have friends who live down the street from there, so any time I go to visit, I demand that we stop in. Their breakfast sandwiches are really tasty.

  3. I live in Charlotte! Although I am tired of city life it’s a great, diverse city. I actually haven’t been to Ikea but I have a friend who works at Cowfish and my friends and I LOVE Amelie’s!! What can I say, I’m into French food. Hope you visit again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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