Restaurant Review: ally & eloise {bakeshop}

We recently paid a visit to a new bakeshop in Columbia, South Carolina. It’s got a cute name: ally & eloise. Ally is the owner and Eloise is her dog! 😀

She has cookies on display when you first walk in and the rest is a made to order deal. Ally has a menu that you can order from, even customizing your own creations. Just be sure to give her at least 24 hours notice for the optimum results. 😀

While we were there, I got to have a taste of my very first macaron. I don’t know why in the world it took me this long to try one, but it was delicious! It was vanilla if you were wondering.

I’ve always wanted to make them myself, but didn’t want to make them until I had something to compare them to. Now I do!

Now, I just need to try one of these recipes! 😀

Oh, and this is a photo of Eloise…in case you were wondering. 😀

We also got to try both of her chocolate chip cookies (with and without nuts), both were quite delicious, especially dunked into an ice cold glass of milk!

The cheesecake bars and lemon squares are also quite tasty! 😀

Oh, and this is a look into where she bakes all of the goodies! Ahh, to have all of that nice equipment. I’m jealous. 😉

So, yeah. Next time you’re in need of some pastries or confections, head over to ally & eloise!


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