What’s In Your…Hospital Bag?

So, I was asked by my friend Kristan (a fellow pregnant foodie) to write a post for her and Shelly‘s website, That’s What We Said. They are two super funny gals and you really should get to know them. Just saying. We met at Blissdom where we had an excellent time. 🙂

Anyway. They asked me to write a post as part of their ‘What’s in your…?‘ series. Most of the posts are of the insides of purses of some pretty amazing bloggers. I decided to share what all I packed in my hospital bag! 😀

Head over to That’s What We Said to read the post! 😀 I hope you like it…and if you have any suggestions of what I do and don’t need, I would love to know! 😀


  1. If you have the time or the energy to use anything from your bag – I will be shocked-try to update on what you actually used-Lol! Good luck!

  2. Good info..second time mom here, children will be 4 years apart so I have not used diapers bags etc in a while! What’s the name beans of that black bag???

    1. Oh how fun! The black bag is the Gaiam Everything Fits Bag. 🙂 It’s just a gym bag that I used to back my stuff in for the hospital. I hope you have a smooth and safe delivery!

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