3 months


  • Date: August 31st, 2012
  • Height: 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds, roughly
  • Sleeping Pattern: Towards the end of the month, he’s been going to sleep at 10pm and sleeping for 6-10 hours straight!
  • Eating Habits: Breastmilk only, every 2 hours during the day.
  • Development: He smiles when he sees you or when you make a funny face. He also can hold his head up almost all the time. It wobbles a little bit, but when he’s laying down, he tries to do crunches by lifting his head. I’ve also found him on quite a few occasions where he has gone from sleeping on his stomach to rolling onto either his back or his side while in his crib.
  • Mischief: He’s still a fussy boy during the afternoon and evening hours since he only takes a few 30 minute naps during the day, after he wakes up around 8:30-9am.
  • Cuteness: His little belly button and tiny toes are so cute! Also, any facial expressions that he makes in reaction to yours is just too cute.
  • Talking: He likes to have conversations with us when he’s rested and full. He is especially talkative on the changing table after he’s been changed.
  • Favorites: He loves his new bouncy seat that comes with a little overhead entertainment. Oh, and he loves any screen, whether it be the television, computer, or phone.
  • Firsts: First laugh on August 25th. Logan and I were in the den on the couch. Liam was laying next to Logan and I was standing over Liam. I took my hair and tickled his face and make a high-pitched Eee sound and he giggled. Of course, when we tried to capture it on video right after he did it, he got camera shy.
  • Concerns: None at all.
  • A Day in the Life: I wake him up in the morning around 8:30-9am. He feeds every 2 hours and in between I try to lay him down an hour and a half after he’s been awake for another 30 minute nap. With these naps, I’ll just put him in his crib on his stomach and it’ll take about 2-4 minutes for him to find his thumb and he’ll usually go to sleep. If he cries more than 5 minutes, I’ll go in and rock him for 5 minutes until he finds his fingers again, and we’ll try to sleep in the crib again. This doesn’t always work, and he’ll go 4 hours between naps. But, we’ll start doing a bedtime routine around 7pm and he’ll usually need a good feeding and rocking to sleep to be able to go down for the night around 10pm. We’ve also been going on family walks around 5pm. Sometimes Liam stays with Aunt BZ (Nancy, Logan’s boss and family friend) and sometimes he rides with us in the Bob.

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