Family Week Deal

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but eMeals has been such a great thing for me and my family. Since we have only one car between my husband and myself and going to the grocery store with an infant is a bit of a challenge, I have to be prepared.

Prepared means I have an organized list of what I need to buy and where it’s located, so I’m not running around the store 3 times.

Prepared also means that I’m not tempted to order take out (which isn’t good on the wallet nor the health) because I have no idea what to cook.

Prepared is having a ready made list of groceries and recipes for the week already made for me that even utilizes the savings and coupons at the store.

Prepared is eMeals.

So, to celebrate time and money savings, why not give eMeals a try? To celebrate Family Week at eMeals, you can order any subscription plan that you’d like for 15% off using the coupon code FAMILY and you can also go grab a 2 week menu and grocery list for free here! Thank you eMeals!

I get a 25% commission from eMeals once $20 has been reached on subscriptions purchased through my referral links.

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