First Family Fall Trip {Part II}

If you missed yesterday’s recap, find that here.

Day two (Saturday)! We woke up early, packed up the car and headed out to do some waterfall hunting. First up, the Looking Glass Falls, which is the most photographed falls in the area. It was a gorgeous and chilly morning. The mist coming off of the falls didn’t help chilly matters any either.

Liam loved the sound of the waterfalls, though. He was mesmerized by it all. I blame that on the sleep sheep noise maker that he falls asleep to. 😀

On the road again, back on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we were constantly being slowed down by these lovely sites:

Campers and mini vans (no offense) that don’t understand that it is polite to get over on an overlook to let people pass you. Sorry, vent over.

But, at an unusual moment like this, I was able to snap a photo as we were driving of a tunnel with no other cars in it. 😀

We also stopped at our final hike of the day, Moore Cove Falls. It was lovely and you could walk behind the falls. It was also too cute, because we hiked past a boy scout troop headed out for an overnight camping trip! I’ve never seen so much gear on such little people.

Liam slept the entire hike. Exhibit A:

Finally, after a stop to Cafe Azelea for lunch, we had to have a sweet treat at The Ultimate Ice Cream Co. where we enjoyed in-house made ice cream. This is my peanut butter chocolate flake ice cream. Mmm!

I hope you enjoyed my recap of our first family adventure to the mountains of North Carolina!

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  1. I love seeing these photos! I’m from Kansas City, & my husband & I took a very similar trip 4 years ago (we got engaged on Mt. Craig – the mountain next to Mt. Mitchell since the lookout point was closed)! We went back this spring. But I absolutely loved it in the fall! We went to all the same falls as you, visited Asheville, etc. I love North Carolina.

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