Fudge Cookie Cutters {Edible Gift}

Fudge Cookie Cutters-1834

How beautiful is this gift? I just love giving edible gifts and this is both a gift you can enjoy by eating and using the cookie cutters for later!

You simply just make your favorite fudge. I can’t resist making my grandmother’s recipe. Make according to preparation instructions.

Fudge Cookie Cutters-1849

Either before the fudge is completed or prior to making the fudge, simply cover the bottoms of the cookie cutters with foil and spray with oil. Set on a flat surface.

Fudge Cookie Cutters-1

Proceed with making the fudge and once completed, quickly pour into the cookie cutters. If you have extra fudge, just pour it into a parchment paper covered baking dish and cut into squares once set.

Fudge Cookie Cutters-1855

Once poured, decorate your fudge as you wish with candies.

Fudge Cookie Cutters-1839

Allow the fudge to set completely, approximately 12 hours for this fudge recipe.

Wrap up in food-safe cellophane wrappers and gift as you wish!

Fudge Cookie Cutters-1854

Happy Holidays and have fun gift giving!

Note: Idea from Pinterest.


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