field trip {zoo}

First Trip to the Zoo-3076

On Friday, Liam and I met our friends Caroline (fellow new mom) and Evelyn Claire (8 month old) at the zoo. You could say it was more for us mommies to get out of the house and to have some adult conversation, but I’d like to think that Liam enjoyed himself. He seemed more interested in his book than the animals, most of the time.

First Trip to the Zoo-3070

The only remote look of amazement came from the aquarium…as predicted.

Exhibit A:


See, can’t you just see their excited faces? Not.

First Trip to the Zoo-3109

Well, we did happen to head over to the giraffe exhibit just in time for a feeding and got a little up close and personal with them, which was fun!

First Trip to the Zoo-3086

Eww, look at that tongue. I don’t think Liam knew what that giant thing was.

First Trip to the Zoo-3092

Then, he came towards us looking for lettuce…alas, we had none. Sorry little big dude.

First Trip to the Zoo-3093

It was great fun and it was the perfect weather for a trip to the zoo. I’m still in shock over this 80 degree weather in January here in South Carolina.

What age do you think is the best for the first time at the zoo?

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