Pasta Fresca {Restaurant Review}

If ever anyone needs a restaurant recommendation here in Columbia, South Carolina, the first restaurant that comes to mind is always Pasta Fresca. It’s a local Italian place and everything is always so fresh. They even make their own pastas!

Pasta Fresca used to be located in this really old and tiny building, almost like a hole-in-the-wall with amazing food. Well, they just built this new building closer to the happening area of Trenholm plaza and it’s gorgeously rustic and modern.

Most entreés come with a little side salad that has actual green lettuce and not the white iceburg lettuce that some restaurants serve. The salad comes with their house made dressing that is deliciously light and lemony.

I usually get a crazy cream pasta, because it’s just so good, but this past time I decided to order the plain-jane spaghetti with the whole wheat pasta. For my taste, I prefer more sauce than noodles, so I ended up ordering an extra side of marinara to help me out. I probably won’t order it again and I’ll just stick to the creamy marinara dishes that they serve. Mmm!

To tell you the truth, I usually go for a daily special that they have. They are always divine!

My husband ordered the Paglio Fieno, which is prosciutto ham sautéed with button mushrooms and green peas, simmered in a creamy marinara sauce. He ordered it with a thick noodle. He was really sweet and shared this deliciousness with me. It was AH-mazing.


Overall Ratings (Instead of stars, I’m giving it ‘C’s.) Highest: CCCCC Price: $$$$$


Waitstaff: CCCCC

Atmosphere: CCCCC

Overall: CCCCC

Price: $$ ($10-$20)

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  1. I LOVE the decor of their new place, it reminds me of a West Elm catalouge! So fresh and modern, like their food! MMm, now you’ve got me craving creamy marinara dishes at 8 a.m! 🙂

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