8 months

8 months

  • Date: January 31, 2013
  • Height: 28 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Sleeping Pattern: The trend this past month has seemed to be this: bedtime at 7:30-8pm, wakes up once in the middle of the night to feed (anywhere from 11pm-3am), wakes up between 7:30-8:30am, naps twice throughout the day, totaling 1-1.5hours of sleep, usually napping once in the morning around 11am and once in the afternoon around 3pm.
  • Eating Habits: We’ve weaned Liam off of Prilosec and he seems to be doing great! He’ll have around 5 breastmilk feedings per day (when he wakes up from the night and from both naps and one in between, then one before bed and one in the middle of the night). Throughout the rest of the day, he has a combination of puréed homemade baby foods and we’re starting him on BLW (Baby Lead Weaning) a.k.a. finger foods. So far he’s tried the following finger foods:
        • banana – 1/2 at a time
        • sweet peas – steamed
        • broccoli – steamed
        • whole wheat macaroni noodles, overly cooked
        • 2 ingredient pancakes (recipe to come)
        • scrambled eggs
        • sweet potato cubes – steamed
        • blueberries – cut in half
        • green beans – steamed
        • cucumber sticks – raw
        • cherrios
        • puffs
        • rice crispies

Also, when I’m spoon feeding him the baby food, he’ll grunt to have more. 

  • Development: This has been a big month with development. We see him develop a new skill, what seems like, every day! See ‘Firsts’ for more details.
  • Mischief: He’s on the move! He can’t seem to sit still for very long. This sometimes results in me not being quick enough to put pillows behind him and he falls backwards onto the carpet. Liam is also very fond of making his way over to the fireplace. Luckily it has a glass over it and I don’t use it when we’re having fun on the floor. I’m mainly always worried that he’ll smack his chin or nose on the tiling that is surrounding the fireplace. Oh, and I almost forgot. Going down for nap times are harder now since he position himself on his hands and knees and then sit up on his knees. He’ll sit in the crib and cry while trying to eat/pull down on the bumpers and crib bars. Trouble. He also has gotten picky about his vegetable finger foods that we put in front of him. He’ll usually end up just squishing them between his fingers.
  • Cuteness: Lately his new thing is to squish up his nose when he does this flat smile, see photo on the right. Also, when he gets excited or mad, he’ll tense up and make this fast clearing of the throat thing. Almost like he’s doing vibrato. Another thing that I think is so cute is when I’m feeding him for the last time before bed, he’ll use his hand to rub his head. It’s so sweet.smile
  • Talking: Well, he’s saying ‘dada’. All the time.
  • Favorites: He still can’t get enough of Leland. He also loves playing with my measuring cups while sitting in his high chair while we bake! Yes, that’s a food blogger in the making. 😉 He also loves my phone and the tv remote, mainly just to put in his mouth.
  • Firsts: It’s the month of firsts! Let’s see:
        • January 11 – Said dada for the first time….and hasn’t stopped. Dadadadada…
        • January 11 – Transitioned from laying down to all fours.
        • January 13 – Can scoot backwards on all fours.
        • January 21 – Pinched to eat a puff.
        • January 27 – Can balance himself standing while holding onto a chair or our legs.
  • Concerns: He started breaking his top two teeth (his left one more so than the right) on January 18th. So, that’s been fun. Not.
  • A Day in the Life: We’ll start the day between 7:30-8:30am (me and Logan having gotten up around 5am to start our work), where he’ll breastfeed and play on his mat. Throughout the day, if he’s not happy with us playing on the floor, he’ll help me in the kitchen while in his high chair, hang out in the walker while I clean the house, or jump in the Johnny Jump Up while I work on my computer next to him. He’ll usually stays up for 2-3.5 hours before the first nap. That nap is usually 30-60 minutes. He’ll breastfeed again and play some more. Then, one hour after waking up, he’ll have some finger foods and homemade baby food. We’ll play some more until he gets fussy and goes down for his second nap. He’ll take his second nap which is usually 30-60 minutes long, making his total nap time for the day 1-1.5 hours long. He’ll breastfeed again and have more finger foods and baby food while we have dinner. He’ll get a formula bottle around 6:30pm and play some more until I breastfeed him again between 7:30-8pm and put him down for the night. He’ll usually only wake up once during the night to feed. I’ve stopped waking him up to feed, so this is just him waking up and needing to eat or just needing comfort to go back to sleep, which he does very easily.

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