Leprechaun Chocolate Bark

Leprechaun Chocolate Bark


A leprechaun pooped shards of chocolate! And it’s surprisingly magically delicious.

Sorry, that was delectably disgusting. Just head on over to Blissfully Domestic to get the recipe and completely easy method of making this bark. Also, see if you can spot the magical star sprinkles on the chocolate! They’re so pretty!

Happy BD MargaretOn another note, it’s my sister’s birthday today! She’s the third in line of us four girls. Happy Birthday Margaret!



  1. how fun that your sisters birthdays are a day apart!! Happy Birthday to them both! I’m a little partial to today since it’s my Birthday too!!!

  2. Aw, what a lovely family! Happy Birthday Margaret! My kids are going to LOVE this bark – maybe the leprechaun will leave it for them this year 😉

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